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Comments on Michael Kerjman v United Airlines

Dear Readers,

As understood, screened messages are persistently invisible on the page anyway.

Please, find the most challenging of responses already arrived.

Thank you for your time and attention to my livejournal.


1. Think before flight!

An Australian deputy sheriff behaves more Catholic than the Pope.

Shame at the United Airlines for not compensating a loss!

Think a couple of times before using this company because a proof of United Airlines careless services is obvious.

2. Reality Bits
Reality bits even American patriots-ho,ho,ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Mike's Video Images
Mike, do not be prickle.

Personally, your Central Park West- “Simply Spring”

is the best your photo found in the Net, although “Kosovo” is OK from doco viewpoint.

Simply Spring! Copyright © Michael Kerjman

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